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Middle Boop Mag

Gordon, who ran the old Middle Boop blog for which I’ve written a few bits in the past, has started a shiny new successor in the Middle Boop Mag (dot com); so any future bits I’m going to be doing for the new site instead. You should have a look, because it’s a great music/art and design site with some talented contributors and some quality reading material.

Like this:

My smashing review of the new Akron/Family album; the illustriously-named Akron/Family II (The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT).



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Owing to my status as a seasoned connoisseur/nerdy obsessive of fine paisley psychedelia, my good friend and ex-housemate Joey Dean has kindly asked me to start contributing a regular feature entitled ‘Psychedelic Treasure Trove’ to his spendidly-named music, film, art and design blog, Hard Up, Hungover & The Bastard Landlord.

I did, of course, oblige, so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to this month’s first installment,  a critical look at the magnificently twee, orchestrated popsike of Nirvana‘s The Story of Simon Simopath.

Dig it. (… or “click here”, for the straights)

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