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I’ve just started writing music reviews for music, film and theatre review site musicOMH, starting with a critique of former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows‘ new album Sun Comes Up Again.

Read the review now, and watch this space for more of my writing on OMH (incidentally, voted one of The Independent’s top 25 music sites on the web!).


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In the harsh light of this cynical and paranoid new millennium in which we now unfortunately find ourselves, it’s easy to forget just how massively popular Kula Shaker were. Admittedly, that popularity lasted approximately ten months (at the very most), and, of course, never quite made it across The Pond. But for a short period, the boys from Richmond’s curious melding of Hindu religious sentiment with guitar-heavy neo-psychedelia won over the hearts, minds and souls of British music-buyers.

Full review at ObscureSound.com!

(And yes, I know it’s full of American spelling. It was, of course, not my doing!)

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