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Cloud Nothings

Another new one at a another new one (home for my literary ramblings, that is)…

For a review of the self-titled Cloud Nothings LP I composed for Gordon Reid’s music blog Middle Boop, kindly follow the link above. Ta, muchly, in advance, reader(s).


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Maggie’s Last Party

Partly because I’m finding it increasingly hard to get this song out of my head, and partly because I’m scared they’ll delete me as I haven’t written anything in so long, I’ve produced my début PopMatters blog post.

… a fusion of then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s uncompromising speeches with a slowly-evolving post-acid house backing, something in unknowns V.I.M.‘s first crack at club stardom is proving irresistibly addictive, even to these dad rock-hardened ears.

Follow this link, and have a listen. It’s a trip.

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