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It’s a bizarre state of affairs when a band’s live act actually starts attracting people prepared to pay good money  just to turn up and heckle them. But judging by the crowd present for Anton and co.’s triumphant return to the Capital of The North, this rare and curious honor belongs – rather predictably – to the proudly divisive Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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Poor old Roy

Isn’t that just the saddest sight you’ve ever seen? I hope you’re proud of yourself, Diego.

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Band of Horses

Every time I go to listen to Band of Horses’ third and latest long-player in iTunes, I type ‘B-A-N’ (and possibly a ‘D’ if I’m feeling adventurous) and am always instantly rewarded not with Infinite Arms, but Music from Big Pink. “Isn’t that apt?”, I think. “The daddies of country rock and and their young heirs, side by side. Two generations of rootsy Americana, neatly rubbing shoulders in the sterile confines of the ‘Column Browser.’” And each time I smile a knowing little smile to myself.


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