Here’s a review I wrote for…


… the new Oneida album, Absolute II. Perhaps I was a bit harsh (the gentlemen in the comments seem to think so), but honestly, it’s complete dreck; one of the laziest albums I’ve ever heard.

Uninspired, directionless wankery given scathing review by “bitter hack” with “expectations way above his station” — read on at your peril!


In a slight a change from normal long-playing practice, I’ve recently authored a couple of short single reviews for fast-becoming-usual haunt Middle Boop Mag, including this week’s Single of the Week.

Should you fancy a read/listen, the first, Gang Gang Dance‘s ‘Mindkilla’ (above; not actually the cover, just a shot from the genuinely mind-killing iTunes visualiser-type video) can be found here

whilst t’other, Metronomy‘s thoroughly impressive SotW ‘The Look’, is here. I like the latter much better because I’m a massive wimp.

Video for the latter (sans review):

Enjoy! (preferably with my words attached)

For you, my darling readers, two more oldies (-ish) but goodies (-ish), should you wish to read them:

Seefeel — Seefeel (Middle Boop)

Polock — Getting Down from the Trees (Middle Boop Mag)

Amuse-toi, chers lecteurs!

Here’s one I did a little while ago, but never got round to publishing. It’s a review of the 26th (!) Fairport Convention album, and I enjoyed listening to it very much (in a comfy cardie ‘n’ slippers kind of way).

Read all about it here. I hope I’m as hip a granddad as these cats.

Middle Boop Mag

Gordon, who ran the old Middle Boop blog for which I’ve written a few bits in the past, has started a shiny new successor in the Middle Boop Mag (dot com); so any future bits I’m going to be doing for the new site instead. You should have a look, because it’s a great music/art and design site with some talented contributors and some quality reading material.

Like this:

My smashing review of the new Akron/Family album; the illustriously-named Akron/Family II (The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT).


Owing to my status as a seasoned connoisseur/nerdy obsessive of fine paisley psychedelia, my good friend and ex-housemate Joey Dean has kindly asked me to start contributing a regular feature entitled ‘Psychedelic Treasure Trove’ to his spendidly-named music, film, art and design blog, Hard Up, Hungover & The Bastard Landlord.

I did, of course, oblige, so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to this month’s first installment,  a critical look at the magnificently twee, orchestrated popsike of Nirvana‘s The Story of Simon Simopath.

Dig it. (… or “click here”, for the straights)

Just realised that, for whatever reason, I never put this review I did back in September up. Which is strange, because I think it’s one of one of my better ones (even if the album’s a bit crap).

To see if you agree, heres a look at my appraisal of the Soft Machine’s NDR Jazz Workshop – Hamburg, Germany, May 1973 (phew!) at PopMatters. And yes, it is just as boring as it sounds, but I did get a free CD out of it.

Every cloud…